Healing with Poetry/Prompt

I truly believed that poetry helped me to get through some very difficult times in my life. There is even a therapy out there simply dedicated to poetry. At the retreats I would like to host in the future I definitely want to have exercises for everyone to write poetry. Here I will share one of mine and then leave you with 2 prompts.


I am a woman of many talents
With the strength up God tingling up my spine
Looking ahead and peirce through the fog simply with my thoughts

A prodigious woman
Not dainty or quaint

Always looking for the answers in the unseen
I’ve become friends with the obscene

I miss you
But I finally miss myself more
I miss all the chances I never took
All the stones I never leaped
I miss the me who I was born to be
I miss talking to you into the wee hours of the morning
But with this new found silence
I find a new normal
I am listening again to the sound of my soul
Sometimes she growls
Sometimes she hisses
Sometimes she howls under the moon
But I listen
To every single thing she has to say
Not just the pretty
But the ugly
The mangled
The food stuffing down the words
The cobwebs collecting in my soul
Yes I witness it all
And I’m letting her be
For once in my life, I am letting her…

This little old room of mine is comfortable and safe
But comfortable makes me commiserate
I can barely contain this possesive fire
It’s been burning for years
But I see the woman I am even though…
I may have some scars on my face
I may have some funny little ways
I may have shed a few too many tears
I may have hid for just a little too long
But the cobwebs look beautiful this morning
Catching light in the dew of the dawn
And though I’m tired and I yawn
Like a spider suspended in midair
I weave my web in the lattice of life

Your turn!

1) Write an unsent letter to someone who you’re trying to forgive or let go of. It can be poetic or any style of writing that you’d like.

2) Try viewing a situation that caused you pain from different viewpoints. Try writing from those different angles of looking at the situation

pastel tree





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