Creative Transformation Retreat

I’ve seen a lot of lovely retreats out there but they seemed to be missing that creative, juicy spark that I was looking for. So I decided that I should create my own retreat! In this retreat I want to combine all of my interests and things that have helped me on my own path.

1)  Intuitive painting- Too often we get stuck in the logical, analytical thinking brain. I want participants to learn how to get into the flow and break through all the b.s. thoughts of self doubt that hold them back. We will alternate between playing calming music and more invigorating music to inspire the various themes we will experiment. We’ll learn how to get in touch with our energy field here and learn how to channel it. Best part is that we aren’t just painting with our hands. We will be painting with our feet to some funky dance music! We’ll also be doing body paint/tattoos.

2) Expressive dance- I want us to get in touch with our sensual side. Forget all the people who told you that you couldn’t dance! You will get down on our dance floor. We will incorporate yoga, some ecstatic dance, and everyone will be encouraged to do a solo for the group. We will be all for supporting each other. No drama or judgement allowed in this healing space!

3) Craft/Accessory/fashion design- Here we will get in touch with our individual style. We don’t follow the trends. We set them. We will each get to choose what wearable art project we’d like to work on. Fabrics, beads, wires, ribbons and all that fun stuff will be available. If you have your own supplies then you are welcome to bring it. We can also swap supplies.

4) Sound healing/Music/ Singing- I’m a singer and have always found it to be a healing exercise. I also know how it feels to be blocked as singer and to not know if you have a voice inside of you. Here we will do exercises to find our inner voice both musically and in our life. We will see the places where we haven’t been speaking up and where we need to have more courage. I have also connected with a sound healer who will guide us through beautiful sessions. This will tie right into the meditation aspect.

5) Nature- We will enjoy the gorgeous beach, sunsets and explorations together. Bring a bathing suit and some good sneakers for a possibly hiking trip!

6) Mind-mapping/Mastermind- Two heads are better than one…so together we will all vulnerable sharing of patterns we’d like to clear, relationship issues, money problems etc. I will add my intuitive coaching into the mix to assist you. As a group we will honor everyone’s gifts and leverage that to help each other to grow.

7) Food- We will be sure to have an array of fabulous and healthy food. We will have things catering to everyone’s individual needs, whether that be Paleo, vegan, gluten-free etc. Just let us know ahead of time. We will also have some fun cooking and creating some recipes together and some indulgences because I can’t live without chocolate.

At the end of this retreat we will be a family and will have gained clarity on the next steps we need to make in our lives to feel more passionate and free.